Linked Data’s Many Varieties

Besplatni webinar: Linked Data’s Many Varieties
Datum: 18. ožujka 2014.
School of Library & Information Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison
The iSchool at UW-Madison

Predavačica: Debra Shapiro, MA-LIS

For the last two years, we’ve been hearing a lot of talk about converting library metadata to linked data. But how? Library of Congress is working on BIBFRAME, a linked data format that is designed to carry all the data in the many millions of existing MARC records. OCLC is using, a microdata format, to enhance the Web displays of WorldCat records. Dublin Core can be written in RDF; is that linked data? In this webinar, Debra Shapiro, UW-Madison SLIS instructor, will help you untangle the acronyms, and pick your favorite flavor of linked data.