The academic library and Artificial Intelligence [Digital Shift Forum]

Objavljeno: 23. kolovoza 2021.

Besplatni webinar: The academic library and Artificial Intelligence: some possible futures

Vrijeme održavanja:

15. rujna 2021., 15:00 – 16:00 CEST


The term “artificial intelligence” has many meanings, past and present.  In its current guise it has many potential applications in HE. An important aspect of this is the increasing use of data science techniques, such as machine learning, in research across all disciplines: from digital humanities, computational social science through to more obvious applications in the sciences. As data science skills are increasingly in demand in many sectors of the economy so there is an employability driver for it being taught in many disciplines. There are a number of ways academic libraries are already and could in the future be involved in supporting this activity: such as through providing content, licensing proprietary platforms or participating in academic led support communities. This talk presents the options and offers an analysis of which are most likely, drawing on an understanding of the professional knowledge base, balanced with a sense of wider institutional demands.




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