Towards a Decentralized Internet of Things

Besplatni webinar: Towards a Decentralized Internet of Things
Datum i vrijeme održavanja: 26.5.2015., 6pm (London time)
Organizator: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Today, Internet of Things companies are vying to capture large swaths of information into isolated data silos. But what would the future look like if devices were able to connect directly to each other and securely exchange information, and even establish smart contracts to exchange value directly with each other via the blockchain?
In this webcast led by Eric Jennings we’ll explore how to enable devices to be autonomous agents and cover:

  • The protocols necessary for this future
  • The minimum set of hardware to realize this future—where devices discover, transact, and interact directly with each other
  • No servers necessary
  • About Eric Jennings
    Eric Jennings is the co-founder and CEO of Filament—a tiny embedded platform for building a decentralized Internet of Things. He holds a BS in Computer Science, and his interests lie in systems theory, permaculture, and analog music synthesizers.