AI and Libraries: Enhancing Services and Engaging Communities

Objavljeno: 26. lipnja 2023.

Vrijeme održavanja: 9. kolovoza 2023., 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM (Europe/Warsaw)


  • Join this webinar to explore the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and applications for libraries. Learn about AI fundamentals, its relevance to libraries of all sizes and types, and how it can enhance services and engage communities. Discover various uses of AI, such as data analysis and service development, and gain practical tips on integrating AI using affordable and accessible tools. Ethical considerations and challenges associated with AI implementation will also be discussed, including privacy, security, and bias mitigation. Don’t miss this chance to expand your knowledge, improve library services, and enable communities to benefit from the latest AI advancements.

    Presented by: Linda W Braun, Learning Consultant, The LEO Group; Juan Rubio, Digital Media and Learning Program Manager, Seattle Public Library (WA); and Dianne Connery, Director, Pottsboro Public Library (TX)

    Note: 90-minute session

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