Central services for public libraries

Objavljeno: 9. ožujka 2021.

Besplatni webinar: Central services for public libraries

Vrijeme održavanja: 12 April 2021

11:00 – 12:00 CET



The national library (KB) in the Netherlands offers central digital services to public libraries and to patrons as well. How these services were initiated in the past and how the situation is currently will be presented and compared with the situation in Germany.  Because of the political system and the cultural sovereignty of the federal states, the support of smaller public libraries in Germany is not centralized, but so called ‘Fachstellen’ in various federal states offer services to their libraries. This system, its tasks and services are presented – decentralised or centralised support for public libraries – what are the advantages and disadvantages? And what effects will the pandemic have to these services in the future? How will the idea of the third place be connected with the need to offer mobile services for the library users during and after corona?


  • Oke Simons, Fachstelle Schleswig-Holstein
  • Sander van Kempen, National Library (KB), Den Haag


  • Erna Winters, Bibliotheek Kennermerwaard



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