Poziv na gostujuće online predavanje “Critical interventions in information and media literacy in schools and universities”

Objavljeno: 4. travnja 2022.

Gostujuće online predavanje na temu Critical interventions in information and media literacy in schools and universities održat će prof. dr. sc. Anne J. Gilliland s Kalifornijskog sveučilišta u Los Angelesu (UCLA) 13. travnja 2022. putem online platforme CSSU-a. Webinar će se održati na engleskom jeziku.


Information and media in all forms now permeate our lives in complex, dynamic and interacting ways. They offer immense opportunities for human development and knowledge sharing, but at the same time, they pose critical challenges to existing ways of life, cultures, civil liberties and value systems. Challenges include the persistent tracking of individuals and selling their personal data, the proliferation of misinformation and disinformation, increasing corporate control over information processes, the infusion of political influence over the creation and dissemination of information and media, and compromised human capacities for self-determination through Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. This presentation will talk how these challenges need to be addressed in schools and universities drawing upon several initiatives being taken at the University of California, Los Angeles and other schools and colleges in the region.

O predavačici

Professor Anne Gilliland is the director of the Center for Information as Evidence and former Associate Dean for Information Studies within the School of Education & Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She is also a faculty affiliate of UCLA’s Centers for Digital Humanities, European and Russian Studies, and for the Study of International Migration, as well as of the Promise Institute for Human Rights at the UCLA Law School. Professor Gilliland is a Fellow of the Society of American Archivists and recipient of numerous awards in archival and information studies. She is an Honorary Research Fellow of the Centre for Global Research, RMIT University in Melbourne and also of the University of Liverpool Department of History, and has taught courses as a visiting faculty member at the University of Zadar Department of Information Sciences.

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