Digital Citizenship – Seeing the Big Picture

Besplatni webinar: Digital Citizenship – Seeing the Big Picture
Datum i vrijeme: 9. lipnja 2014. – 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Predavač: Dr. Jason Ohler, Fielding Media Psychology PhD faculty; speaker, writer, K-12 workshop facilitator in digital citizenship, digital narrative and storytelling, future trends of technology in education


We live during a time of unfathomable, roller-coaster innovation with no braking system. While the ride is exciting, it moves so quickly that we typically don’t have time to think about the possible unintended consequences that might accompany it. The result is that we find ourselves unable to effectively respond to hot-button issues like cyberbullying and sexting because they seem to come out of nowhere. Google Glass, augmented reality, and each new technology that emerges reminds us that we are just getting started.

In our community’s next webinar, Dr. Jason Ohler helps us consider how to use digital citizenship to help our students and ourselves navigate our rapidly evolving world. We’ll address how to develop strategic plans, approaches to character education, and cooperative relationships between parents, schools and students that can help students blend their digital and non-digital lives into one safe and engaged approach to being students and global citizens. In addition, we’ll look at the history and future of digital citizenship, and how to help students learn to use technology and the internet safely and responsibly, while maintaining a sense of inspiration and opportunity about the value of both in their lives. Join Jason on June 9th for a big-picture view of digital citizenship.

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