Engaging Adults with Low Literacy Levels

Objavljeno: 20. lipnja 2022.

Vrijeme održavanja: 7. srpnja 2022. 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM (vremenska zona Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb)


In the U.S., there are 43 million adults–nearly one in five–who read below a third-grade level, and over half of all adults read below a sixth-grade level (National Action Plan for Adult Literacy, 2021). Low levels in literacy can impact many aspects of daily life including the ability to find and maintain employment, navigate health care needs, and complete government forms. This webinar will explore the characteristics of adults with low literacy levels and how they differ from those of adults with learning disabilities, including how and why each of these groups approaches reading. Learn about the importance and value of developing literacy skills, as well as strategies for library staff on how to identify when someone may need literacy support, how to broach the subject with a patron, and ways to suggest materials and resources to reluctant adults who may be struggling with literacy.


  • Katharine Ware, Writing and Education Consultant

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