Identifying a Research Project and Seeing it through to Publication

Besplatni e-forum: Identifying a Research Project and Seeing it through to Publication
Datum: May 21-22, 2014, Eastern: 10am – 6pm
ALCTS CRS Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee
Moderatori: Mavis Molto, Heather Ruland Staines, and Cathy Weng

We are all busy today, wearing many hats and constantly juggling many responsibilities. How can we find time to undertake a research project—let alone get it published? Please join our e-forum to discuss ways to turn your day-to-day activities into a research initiative. Learn what has worked for others and brainstorm what might work for you. Learn how to identify publications that best match your project criteria and how to submit a successful proposal. If you have published your research project, please share your experiences. What would you do differently? What good advice did you receive?

Topics to be covered include:

  • Identifying a research project
  • Finding a collaborator or team
  • Performing a literature review
  • Identifying publications for submission Submitting a proposal for grants and/or to an institutional review board
  • Making a project checklist and timelineWriting up findings
  • Submitting manuscript and respond to feedback

Mavis Molto has worked in cataloging in special, academic, and school libraries, with her current position being a serials cataloger at Utah State University. She has conducted research projects and published on issues relating to cataloging and database searching, including articles on automatic cataloging, the use of textual analysis in full text searching, and a recent article in Library Resources and Technical Services (Oct. 2013), entitled: “Identifying significant changes in serials with title changes in the recognition of new works.”

Heather Ruland Staines is Vice President Publisher Development at SIPX (formerly Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange) where she is exploring the nexus of academic publishing, library technology, and the future of eLearning. Prior to SIPX, she worked for Springer, as Senior Manager eOperations and Global eProduct Manager SpringerLink. Active in many industry groups, Heather currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Society for Scholarly Publishers and on the ALA ALCTS CRS Education, Research, and Publications Coordinating Committee. She is also a recent member of the Transfer Working Group. She holds a Ph.D. in History from Yale University.

Cathy Weng is Head of Cataloging at The College of New Jersey Library. Outside cataloging and training, Cathy has been active in research. She has published articles in ALA publications such as Information Technology and Libraries, College & Research Libraries, and Library Resources & Technical Services. Her research focus areas include the library catalog interface, collection needs assessment using usage data, and IR (institutional repository) copyright management, among others.

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